Genre : Folk / PopOrigin : BandungFormed : 2012

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Mustache and Beard were born in Bandung in 2012, the band who chose to make the “Nusantara” Folk pop / ballads as their genre. Already has a debut album released in 2016 ago titled “Manusiaku Manusiamu Manusia-Nya” the released 9 tracks of choice from a collection of shongs that they have as well as has released several hit singles such as “Tambora”, “Hujan Kemarau”, “Senyum Membawa Pesan”, “Batas Mimpi” in collaboration with Malaysian musicians, Mohammad Noh Bin Salleh or Know “Noh Salleh” and the latest single “Roda Asmara” back in early 2019.

Mustache and beard has also release a video clip for the single “Senyum Membawa Pesan” and also has released some limited physical release in the form of Cds and Cassettes. Mustache and Beard Member :

M Afif Abdullah (Vocal / Flute / Accordion)
Febryan Tricahyo (Guitar Acc / Vocal)
Adri Imad Kadifa (Trumpet / Trombone / Multi instrument)

M Nagib Assegaf (Drum)

The band was formed on the basis of the wishes of the personels in their college times to create a work of national language music, Indonesian language with poetic lyrics, elegant linguistic language, re-Indonesia the Indonesian through the work of music, by raising the beautiful and complex “Bahasa Indonesia” as a the main language for Communication both in Art and Daily use, so that it will become more Popular among Millenials and Z Generations, especially for the Z generation (born in the mid 90s to 2000s) re-used well to be sustainable, to return to their primary language to communicate on a daily basis, taking Indonesian Music into the realm of “melayu serumpun” music (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam) and to the realm of World Music.

Mustache and Beard put forward the sense of “Relatable” of Humans with its surroundings in all of his work by pervading the feelings through all of the Human sense to See, to Hear, and to Feel. Then mixing the inggridients form music of the past, taking reference Music in the era of Asian Husain, Tan P Ramlee, Sam Saimun, Bimbo, until Guruh Sukarno Putra, (local music maestros in late 50s to 80s) then combined with the socio-cultural circumstances around the present with all its aspects to become and identity for its Music composition and characters for Mustache and Beard as a Band and Brand in today’s work and the future.

The element of novelty became one of the main elements that must be built by Mustache and Beard, because the listeners of Mustache and Beard who come from the Generation Z who were Tech savvy in their daily life, Mustache and Beard will always look for many new ways to be more close to his audience in all the band’s activities and work.


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United We Are – Jatinangor (2022)

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  • Apr27 United We Are 2022 - Jatinangor Graha Suwarni
  • Dec08 United Day 7 Lap. PPI-Pussenif, Bandung