GENRE : Surfrock
ORIGIN : Bandung, Indonesia
FORMED : 2017

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Recorded live at Palm House Studio, South Jakarta, Mabuk Laut mini-album set to be The Panturas’ debut in a full-set material. Fast tempo and ‘wave riding’ styled licks are the attributes which dominate the album. This style has become the typical playing of the group which consists of Abyan Zaki on Vocal and Guitar, Rizal Taufikurahman on Guitar, Surya Fikri on Drums, and Bagus Patria on Bass.
Prior the release of the mini-album, The Panturas in- troduced themselves by dropping two singles enti- tled Fisherman’s Slut and Gurita Kota on YouTube. These songs, which also made appearances in the mini-album, marked the way as a kickoff for the entire journey. As the band set sail for the vast “ocean”, Oscar Lolang, a flamboyant sailor, joined the deck and yielded the Arabian Playboy song which also included in the mini-album.
After the release of Mabuk Laut mini-album, The Pantu- ras started to make appearances in extensive stages that range from micro, collective initiated gigs to Indo- nesia’s most wanted festivals. Superbad, Thursday Noise, We The Fest, and Soundrenaline are among the most notable stages The Panturas managed to take on.
The wave has taken The Panturas further into more ex- citing phases of the journey by going on tours which cover cities in Java, Bali, and Sumatra. Furthermore, they are also successful in promoting their single Queen of the South to be lined up as an original movie soundtrack in Dreadout.
As the latest update, The Panturas is reported to be preparing materials for the upcoming release on vinyl and new album which set to be out this year.



Spirit Of The Decade (2021)

Past Events

  • Nov25 Spirit Of The Decade - Eps. High Amplifier Hellprint Official Youtube Channel (Virtual)
  • Dec08 United Day 7 Lap. PPI-Pussenif, Bandung