GENRE : Hardcore
ORIGIN : Bandung, Indonesia
FORMED : 2019

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Prejudize is Bandung-based hardcore band that formed in late 2019. Along with the other local new wave hardcore bands, Prejudize came with their touch of metallic guitar riffs, powerful drum pattern, and strong vocal that soars very angry. Their music is too heavy to deal with, and tougher than your big mouth.

Prejudize are Arga (Vocal), Keniro (Guitar), Alfi (Guitar), Rian (Bass), and Hilman (Drum). Before formed Prejudize, back then Arga has thought to make a band project that carries old school death metal; such Obituary. But as time goes by,they finally decided hardcore as a root and way of the band’s live.



Dua Sisi – Fight To Survive – Bandung (2023)

Past Events

  • Jun17 Burgerkill - Dua Sisi Tour 2023 - Bandung Critical 11