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GENRE : Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore
ORIGIN : Bandung, Indonesia
FORMED : 1995

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After two decade of existence, Burgerkill is currently is the most determined metal band In Indonesia. Not only domestically, Burgerkill has also performed in festival abroad like “Big Day
Out 2009”, “SOUNDWAVE 2009”, “Wacken Open Air 2015” and “BLOODSTOCK 2015” and also won “Metal as F*ck” awards from Metal Hammer Magazine in 2013.
Burgerkill released their latest album “Adamantine” in 2018, This is a musical work that reflects a condition of strong solidity – This is reflection, manifestation, and hope. A story that concludes the journey of Burgerkill both in the realm of metal music in Indonesia, and the breakthroughs they have made in the international world. Adam Rees of Louder gave the album 4 stars out of 5, cited “Adamantine is a genuine world-beater, light years ahead of its predecessor in terms of production, songwriting craft and sonic impact. “Metal Hammer included the album in their list of 50 Best metal albums of 2018”.

Burgerkill fulfils its existence for 25 years in 2021, a quarter-century musical odyssey. Celebrated amidst of the restrictions that we are face today, Burgerkill presents digital
broadcasts through a special channel for loyal fans and friends out there who always provide support and additional energy and enthusiasm in 2020 new years eve. On September 3, 2021, the only original member and founder left us all. His passing left a deep sorrow and an extraordinary empty echo. However, family, relatives, friends, and all those who have always supported us, came and gave us an equally incredible spirit to continue to exist, move, carry on the mandate that Eben gave to Burgerkill.
All of that really gave us the strength to get through the dark and hard times. Eben’s departure is a reflection to become stronger and become a milestone, as well as a trigger
for us to stay there and keep moving. Only then will the soul that Eben has brought to life at Burgerkill be alive and well.

Thank you TRUE MEGABENZ, you live forever!!!



Dua Sisi – Fight To Survive – Bandung (2023)

Dua Sisi – Fight To Survive – Cianjur (2023)

Dua Sisi – Fight To Survive – Garut (2023)

Dua Sisi – Fight To Survive – Cirebon (2023)

Monster Of Noise 3 (2023)

Spirit Of The Decade (2022)

Reunited Moment (2021)

United Day 7 (2019)

United Day VI (2018)

Burgerkill Photo United Day V

United Day V (2017)

Burgerkill Photo Monster Tour 2016

Monster Tour (2016)

Burgerkill Photo United Day IV

United Day IV (2015)

Past Events

  • Jun17 Burgerkill - Dua Sisi Tour 2023 - Bandung Critical 11
  • Jun11 Burgerkill - Dua Sisi Tour 2023 - Cianjur Cianjur Sport Center
  • Jun10 Burgerkill - Dua Sisi Tour 2023 - Garut Bale Paminton
  • Jun9 Burgerkill - Dua Sisi Tour 2023 - Cirebon The Radiant
  • Jan13 Spirit Of The Decade - Eps. Super Roar Hellprint Official Youtube Channel (Virtual)
  • Aug05 Reunited Moment Eps.13 Hellprint Official Youtube Channel (Virtual)
  • Dec08 United Day 7 Lap. PPI-Pussenif, Bandung
  • Feb4 United Day VI Lap. PPI-Pussenif, Bandung
  • Mar05 United Day V Lap. Yon Zipur, Ujungberung
  • Sep4 Monster Tour 2016 Lap. Disjas, Cimahi
  • Feb07 United Day IV Lap. Tegalega, Bandung
  • May9 West Java Invasion Phase 3 Lap. Makorem, Garut
  • Feb08 Monster Of Noise 2 Lap. Tegalega, Bandung
  • Sep07 Revenge The Fate - Redemption Launching Lap. Disjas, Cimahi
  • Feb16 West Java Invasion Stadion Angkasa, Bandung
  • Jan06 Monster Of Noise I Lanud Sulaiman, Bandung
  • Jul08 United Day II Lanud Sulaiman, Bandung
  • Dec11 United Day I Lanud Sulaiman, Bandung
  • Jun11 Anniversary 10 Years Grinding Machine Yon Armed IV, Cimahi



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